Homeopathic Medicine and Nutritional Counselling

Homeopathy is a natural holistic medicine that treats the underlying cause of disease by stimulating the body's innate healing mechanism. An in depth analysis of the diet is conducted to target deficiencies, specific foods and eating habits that may be contributing to the current condition. Nutritional advice and recommendations are included in the Homeopathic Consultation fees.

Currently, I am conducting consultations by phone or Zoom only, due to COVID-19. For local clients, treatment plans and remedies can be picked up in person at the local health shop, at an agreed upon time. I will go over the plan and how to take the remedies, in person, where masks can be worn and physical distancing can be observed. The remedies and supplements that are required for the plan, can be purchased from the store. In certain cases, the homeopathic remedies will be included in the cost of the initial consultation.

As of April 1, 2021 rates will be as follows:

Initial Consultation (120 minutes, including 3-6 hours post consultation research and treatment plan development): $175

Follow up Appointments (60 minutes): $90

All payments are required at the end of each appointment by e-transfer. Receipts can be provided with the treatment plan, if required.


Yoga and Meditation

Private 1 on 1 yoga and meditation sessions are available in your home, if you have a quiet space with hardwood floors and a yoga mat. I have props I can bring for Hatha and Restorative yoga, I can teach you meditation and breathing techniques to help relax the body and mind. Restorative yoga practices are wonderful for helping those with physical injuries and disabiities. Hatha Yoga strengthens the body and improves flexibility on all levels. My specialty is teaching yoga to beginners.

Private Yoga session 1 on 1:

$65 for 60 min. (currently unavailable due to COVID-19)

Keep checking back for updates on when private yoga sessions will become available again, as well as upcoming locations for public yoga classes, and yoga video tutorials on the More Info page.