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What to Expect from the Initial Homeopathic Consultation

My training in Classical Homeopathy emphasizes spending as much time as it takes to gather all the necessary information about a person’s present and past, in relation to their current complaints, and then providing a treatment plan that encompasses a remedy prescription and nutritional advice, as required. The first consultation usually lasts between 90-120 minutes. The person is treated as a whole, connecting the mental, emotional and physical levels, to get to the root cause of disease. This holistic approach ensures all aspects of a person’s condition are investigated and considered thoroughly, in order to match the most appropriate remedy to the patient’s symptoms. This method of intensive case taking not only allows for a more comprehensive approach to healing, but also provides an exclusive opportunity for patients to become informed and empowered about their health. Patients are encouraged to share any test results that they feel are relevant to their case.

After the Initial Consultation, I will take further time to research the appropriate remedies and formulate a treatment plan with dietary recommendations. For most cases, I will have a treatment plan with corresponding homeopathic remedy ready by the following day. Homeopathic Remedies are usually included at no extra cost, unless a patient require large amounts of specific remedies, which in this case can be purchased by the patient at the local health shop. Additionally, if herbal supplements are prescribed, these will also be at an additional cost to the patient.

Please download the Intake Form here. Upon completion, please scan and email it back to me 24 hours before your first appointment.

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